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The Southwest Coast path from Lands-End to Poole Dorset is pretty well defined, and the Southdowns way from Winchester to Easbourne is well defined too, and some of it is along the coast, but I need to find a path between the two!

How do I get from Poole to Winchester?

Is there a path from Poole to Christchurch?
Is there a path through the new forest from Poole or Christchurch to Winchester?
Is there a path through the new forest from Christchurch to the Lymington/Freshwater Isle of Wight ferry?
I have walked round the Isle of wight so I know that bit is good
Is there a path from the Fishbourne/Portmouth ferry to the South Downs way? and if so where is the best place to join it?

• 12-16 miles per day.
• Places of interest.
• Places to stay. (Hostels, B&Bs, Camp sites, legal places to camp out)
• Places to find provisions. Grocers, Shops, Pubs, CafĂ©’s
• Recommended coffee shops
• Historical interests (Roman ruins, Bronze Age forts, Stone Age circles, etc.)
Pick a mile, pick a day, It’s your Blog Too

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  1. Hi,

    Unsure if you still need this info., but if you want to avoid s'ton and p'mouth, I would walk along the coast to Bournemouth to Christchurch, then take the Avon Valley Path north to Salisbury and the Clarendon Way eastwards to Winchester; named paths all the way.

    WRT Poole to Christchurch: you can walk towards Sandbanks, and then along the promenade all the way to Hengistbury Head. From there, several paths lead up to Christchurch.

    WRT Portsmouth to the SDW: you could try following the Solent Way and then the Wayfarers Walk or a variant thereof.

    WRT Christchurch to Lymington: follow the cliffs to Milford-on-Sea, and then take the Solent Way eastwards.

    All of these walks are detailed on my 'site: