High Seas in the Storms Aftermath (Day 4 )Portreath to Perranporth via St Agnes

View Day 4 Portreath to Perranporth in a larger mapThere were patches of blue in the sky as I retraced my steps back from the Portreath Youth Hostel to the coastal path, the wind was up and the clouds were racing. Today coast path starts with some serious ups and downs as you pass by an old airfield, before dropping down into Porthowan. Porthowan has a fine coffee shop on the beach which was busy even out of season. I joined a small group sitting in a bay window and we passed the time talking about the weather which is what the British do.
Trekking towards St Agnes, this well trodden area has a spider’s web of paths, but the one true path is clearly signposted (photo) and continues past the multiple abandoned tin mines at Chapel Porth including one on the path itself. Past this tin mine the path thins out a bit to a single trial and needs no signage (sea on the left…)
The winds continued to build up and the waves got bigger and bigger. Here at the coast the swell was about 30 feet, and the waves were crashing over 100 feet into the air. As I round St Agnes Head I can see the tonight’s Goal, the Youth Hostel sitting prominently at the top of the hill above Perranporth with waves crashing on the cliffs below.
For the final mile, the path runs along the side of the hill made of loose scree with a slope going up 30 degrees to my right, and down 30 degrees towards a cliff on my left. With wind speeds of 50MPH my progress was both slow and malicious.
Perranporth YHA is small and well managed. There were only 4 guests since it was out of season but great fun to be there.
Distance hiked today 14.2 miles