Walking the Entire Coast of Britain

Just to make that clear, my definition of Britain is the mainland and Islands that comprise the two countries England and Scotland, together with the Principality of Wales.
That is a long way, about 6000 miles, and will take most of 2 years. About 2/3 if the English coast is publically accessible, of the rest, large portions are permissive paths, which means you can walk them, but restrictions and closures may apply, Other parts are private, or owned by the government. Scotland has less access than England
That means that portions can’t be walked. So when I say circumnavigating I am leaving myself some flexibility, seriously I plan to walk 80% of the way round along the coast, and the remainder using detours.
For example, I consider the Southern coast of the Isle of Wight a viable alternative to hiking the impassable Southampton and Portsmouth docklands. The West Sussex coast is largely built up and has many short inaccessible sections, but Sussex also has the South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne, and I consider that a valid alternative, especially since some of it is along the coast, and much of it has views of the coast.
I plan to make “Best use” of the coast, exploring waterways, islands, steam engines, cable cars. So if you want a strict walk the coast, this is not it, I don’t believe it is even possible, but 80% coast and 20% inland is the goal.
So that’s my part, the walking, your part, with your team of bloggers is to find me a route. Help me find ways past the blocks, find me interesting sidetracks, recommend places to visit, and places to skip (with alternatives). And yes, it is fine for you to discuss it amoungst yourselvs, after all this is a blog.

In the meantime, explore my Blog which describes some the British paths I have already explored.