The Land of King Authur (Day 8) Port Issac to Tintagel viaTregardock and Trebarwith

View Day 8 Port Issac to Tintagel in a larger mapTogether we continued towards Tintagel. The path to Tregardock continued to follow the edge of the cliff, but without the claustrophobic fencing and continuous staircases of the previous segment, and by the time we got to Trebarwith we were ready for a coffee.
As breakfast time rolled over into opening time the orders changed and we were soon ready to continue the path up to the Tintagel youth Hostel. Although we didn’t stay there tonight, this hostel is perched on the slate cliff top, and next to the church.
Spend some time inside the church, looking at the stain glass and exploring the old graves in the graveyard.
From the church we followed the cliff top to the old castle at the top of the hill. The Castle is on top of the hill next to Tintagel Head and while newer than the old monastery on Tintagel head, it has it’s own tale to tell. There is a fee to go on to Tintagel Head, the reputed birthplace of King Arthur and I must say I have never been on to it, but if you go down to the beach below you can actually walk through a cave underneath and come out the other side (tide permitting). I have heard this referred to as Merlin’s cave.
If you have ever been into Tintagel Head, blog me back at let me know what it is like.
Continuing on round the Camelot Castel brings you back into Tintagel with its old post office and numerous pubs
The main street through Tintagel is Fore Street, but at the western end where it abruptly turns north and changes its name to Atlantic Road is a small bakery. This place unequivocally makes the very best Cornish pasties in all of Cornwall. Lamb and Mint is my favorite, but they even make a veggie one. I think some of the pubs get there pasties from there (but do ask first) All in all, it’s hard to go too far wrong in this remarkable town.
Distance Hiked today 10.5 miles.