Big Surf, Beautiful Sunset (Day 6) Newquay to Treyarnon via Trevelgue, Watergate bay, and Porth Mear

View Day 6 Newquay to Treyamon in a larger map The big winds of the previous days were pushing the morning waves up to 20 feet high as they rounded Newquays headland, and St Christophers breakfast room offers a panoramic view of the bay. Only one brave surfer, actually the resident surf instructor, was prepared to go in, and from the bay window we all saw an impressive display of his skills.
Today’s walk began by retracing some of last evenings stroll through the man part of the town of Newquay picking up a splendid looking Cornish Pasty from a back street bakery that I passed, and on to the beach at Porth. At Porth, ignoring the Coastal path’s shortcut, I went out to the tip of Trevelgue Head, a former Bronze Age settlement. Continuing on, the heavy winds had boiled the sea into a stiff foam, and lumps the size of soccer balls (Footballs) were blasting overhead as I walked the low cliffs.
As the sun rose higher, the winds and the surf dropped and at Porth an organized group of a dozen hikers joined the trail. Thankfully they appeared less burdened than yesterday’s group, none-the less they soon vanished over my shoulder since today I had to make good time after my relaxed start.
Wonderful views afore and behind as the marker at Newquay head grew smaller and Trevose Head lighthouse grew larger. I stopped at Treburrick Head to eat my well deserved pasty but ended up being bitterly disappointed and I fed most of it to the gulls from the cliff top
Onwards to the youth hostel at Treyarnon, and a little beyond to Constatine Bay which has a small grocery store. Treyarnon is a great little hostel with a wonderful view towards the setting sun. Despite the time of year the hostel was almost full, and a great time was had by all
Distance Hiked today 15.2 miles.