New desktop picture

OK, enough of the cold stuff, here is this week’s new desktop.

Looking North towards the Hardy Monument as Cows guard a tumulus at Portersham Farm.

BTW that’s Thomas Hardy the Sailor, as in kiss me Hardy, not Thomas Hardy the author, although a lot of people confuse these to Wessex gentlemen with each other.

Anyway, the horizon in this picture pretty much defines this Dorset section of the Southern coastal path, which is a bit strange since the sea was over a mile behind me when I took this one.


  1. Great blog.
    Now that picture, to someone who does most of his backpacking/walking with his dog (ie Me), looks slightly intimidating! It is surprising how fast those animals can run.
    Maybe not for my desktop it would give me nightmares!

  2. Sadly my two dogs were not on this trip, but the old dog has been up on Portersham farm many times, and yes, she is terrified of cows

  3. Of course, unlike some of the cows we've met in this area (I'm his son, who was graciously cropped out of this photo :-) ), these cows were terrified of us. The mood for this particular section of the public walkways is already somewhat eerie due to not only these ancient burial mounds, upon which the cows chose to make their final stand, but also the final chosen resting place of a former local to the area. I can't remember the full details of the woman who was buried just down the path from here, but perhaps my father can mention it in further detail at some point?