My Review of Adventure Medical Thermo-Lite II Single Bivvy

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With luck you'll never have to spend an unplanned night out, but it's a good idea to be prepared with this emergency shelter.

There when you need it

By Ratdog from Washington DC on 12/15/2009


5out of 5

Gift: No

Pros: Durable, Easy to pack, Lightweight, Compact

Best Uses: Day Trips, Backcountry Camping, Survival

Describe Yourself: Avid Adventurer

What Is Your Gear Style: Minimalist

I know it was going to be tight, I missed sunset by 7 minutes, but I still had 20 minutes of dusk to find a spot and pitch my tent.
Perfect! The southernmost tip of the Porthgwarra cliffs, 30 feet from the edge, there was a small well drained flat spot. I pitched the tent, made up my bed in the dwindling light.
Well, that went exactly as planned, so far so good, but that was when things started to go downhill (metaphorically, not physically I'm glad to say)
The weather forecast had indicated the temperatures at night would drop just below 50, and that would be accompanied by some rain on the second night, these were the only nights that I would be camping, so my bed comprised a fleece blanket and a small inflatable airbed. Well the first night was very clear and the temperature dropped and dropped as the night went on. The heavy winds whipping up over the cliff edge and the temperature dropped. Bit by bit during the night I put on every piece of clothing I possessed and finally around 2AM I was forced to break out my Adventure Medical Kits bivvy, a lightweight aluminum and polyolefin body bag.
Whew, I wrapped the fleece around me and as soon as I got in the bag I immediately felt the warmth. I slept like a log until the Sun came up at around 6AM
I woke up to traces of frost on the ground, so I'm guessing it got down to the 30's
The Second night I got in the Bivvy straight away. It rained and some condensation collected between the fleece and the skin, but I turned the bag inside out, and it was dry by the time breakfast was over.